"She showed and demonstrated that disability does not have to be a barrier to success. A totally inspirational speaker." Caroline Neech member of Twilight Tuesday W.I.

"Joan's talk encouraged our students to think about how fortunate they are. As well as the importance of determination and persistence to achieve success." Mark Scoular teacher at Tanglin Trust School


"We can learn that despite how life may drag us down there is always a way to reach out and make the best of what we are given." Members of the student council at The International School of Macao. 

"Joan's talk was both enlightening and inspiring for our students. She is a prime example of how resilience can overcome the biggest of barriers." Terri Donlon teacher from St Stephen's Girls' College

"Student came to me afterwards and commented how much he had learned and could take away about living with Cerebral Palsy." Lucy Ogilvie teacher from Sha Tin College

"A lively, informative and inspirational presentation by Joan." Bob Ward Member of Holt Probus Club

“This week I was privileged to attend your talk. Your story was both enlightening and inspiring; a story that encompasses achievements and perspective… something that others can undoubtedly learn from, and not just within the healthcare industry.” Kelly Williamson Occupational Therapy Student from Essex University

"Joan has left the residents in total awe of her. They feel that she is a truly inspirational lady and has shown them that just because someone has a disability, it doesn't mean that they can't achieve their dreams and live the life you want to live." Pixie Mobbs Activities Organiser at John Grooms Court

"Best speaker ever." Scarning W.I. Committee

"Joan has such an engaging manner with the children - they were completely in her hands for the 45 minute session." Adam Stromberg teacher from Gresham School

“Depression is not an easy subject to talk about… Joan had a lovely way of speaking to the students. The fact that you could have heard a pin drop through most of Joan’s talks says much about the compelling nature of the content and delivery.” Ruth Bullard Director of Business and Enterprise at Flegg High School

“Joan gave us a talk that was inspirational, funny, emotional and deeply moving.” Brenda Wilde Hindringham and Binham Open Circle

“Everyone was commenting about how inspirational and funny her speech was. I would definitely recommend her for future events!” Miss Lianne Williams

"Students' feedback are very positive. The seminar enabled them to meet with Joan and learn more about Cerebral Palsy." Stephanie Yeung from Tung Wah College

"Joan is a walking book.” IPSA Council member Mr. Franz Yu 

“Joan has a very warm and friendly smile when you see her. Her natural charisma helps her to connect with the audience within seconds. Her attitude toward life is positive and she is willing to share her experiences with others.” Mr. Neil Sy Manager of Ageas Insurance Company Limited (Asia)

"The inspirational story and the way Joan engaged with the audience at just the right level." Jo Morris teacher from Harrow International School Hong Kong

"Deeply appreciate the speaker's passion in unfolding the impossibilities in life. The speaker helped students realise nothing comes easy and they come to realise how lucky they are." Grace Lai teacher from St. Stephen's Girls College Hong Kong

"It raised the awareness of our students to the condition of Cerebral Palsy and how it can be overcome. Students were encouraged by the idea that there is no limit to what one an achieve in life." Ester Pak Vice-Principle of St. Stephen's Girls College Hong Kong

"In writing I should say that I felt privileged to hear your talk indeed it was most inspiring to hear your story and in particular your many achievements." Ken Murray Secretary of Kelling Probus Club

"Joan was the perfect speaker for our Centenary supper as her talk embraced the WI ethos of Inspiring Women. It was a very inspiring talk." Lesley Urquhart President of Briston and Melton Constable W.I.

"The confidence and presentation of Joan in getting across the reasons/causes of Cerebral Palsy and the effects on the body." Mike Clayton from Kelling Probus Club

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to other like-minded groups…Helped us learn about Joan’s attitude to her condition and how her family has helped her succeed. We all warmed to Joan’s enthusiastic personality and her honesty in answering our many questions.” Carolyn Vincent from The Pickenhams W.I.

"The pupils need to understand the importance of resilience, many give up before they even try so I think it was very important for them to meet someone who has faced challenges but never given up." Jamie Waters tutor from Ely College

"It was the best reading of Psalm 23 I have ever heard." John Chandler, Vicar from St Michaels Church Myland - Cholchester, Essex

"Fascinating talk, enthusiasm and sense of humour." Jane Watts from Houghton and The Rudhams W.I.

"Seeing the students reaction and what they were saying afterwards demonstrated the impact that having outside speakers visit the school is a worthwhile endeavour... Some students commented that the problems they think they have are minor compared to the issues that Joan had overcome." Tim Fair tutor from Flegg High School.

"I know that Joan's visit was worthwhile due to the conversation that was had the following lesson. Reading about someone with a disability is one thing; meeting someone who lives with it and rises above it is another. My pupils were empathetic and inspired. Several of them took photos on their phones of Joan's slides so that they could 'Like ' her on Facebook. There is no higher accolade from a 15 year old." Amanda Boxall tutor from Fakenham Academy

"With the right attitude, you can achieve." Ben Dawson from Fakenham Academy

“Challenged us to really think about CP and our approach as OTs” Helen Eames UEA Masters Student Occupational Therapy

“You showed us that there is always hope, guts and determination can get you an awfully long way.” Ruth Emms UEA Masters Student Occupational Therapy

"This is the first time I have seen Joan teach and I was most impressed." Steve Wilkinson School of Health Sciences lecturer at UEA

“Joan was very responsive to our request to start our conference off with a positive and ‘aspirational’ message. … We have had feedback quotes from several people – parents and professional’s alike saying Joan was aspirational.” Anna Gill from Family Voice

"I have never seen someone work a lecture theatre like Joan." Chris Lawson Mental Health Lecturer at UEA.

"Joan is a case study of motivation and determination. She challenges stereotypical views and gives students the opportunity to ask any questions. Her humor is infectious." Alison Schwier lecturer at Norwich City College

"Excellent talk - progression from life story to now was fantastic." Samantha Dangerfield tutor from Sheringham High School

“Hearing from someone speaking from first-hand experience. A good role model for students who are able to know they are different…Lovely to have a presentation from someone who is ‘different’ … Recommended for mainstream, MLD and SLD.” Jan Cuss from Chapel Road School Assembly

“Joan’s honesty and warmth. The determination, resilience and energy demonstrated is a superb lesson to us all. … Awareness and reflection of their own personal strength.” Hazel Packer tutor from Norwich High for Girls Assembly

“To understand the real life story of CP.” Tanya Wiseman tutor from Alysham High School

“The students benefited from an understanding of development and the human spirit.” Mark Farrar headteacher from Reepham High School Assembly

"Joan is inspirational to students and the students recognize her around school as a speaker not a disabled person." Helen Dacruz tutor from Taverham High School

"It was lovely to see how Joan had progressed since attending our setting. It was inspiring, interesting and informative. ... How Joan overcame depression." A.L.Dennis Fakenham Children's Day Care Centre

"I must admit that I arrived without an open mind and expecting not to learn. I was wrong! I have a Biology degree, have worked as a Medic and have responded to around 1,500 ‘999’ calls over the last 8 years. I learned yesterday." Andy Housego from Wymonydham College Assembly.

"One of the best training sessions I have been on." Ros Czarnowska from Norfolk and Norwich SCOPE Association - Staff Training

"Everything you said I found truly inspirational and I admire you for your positive outlook on life, which is really commendable." Becky Moore from Notre Dame High School

"Such a lovely woman an inspiration and credit to her parents." Tanya Abel from Fakenham First Focus

“Personal account showing Joan’s achievements. First encounter for many with a Cerebral Palsy sufferer.” Natalie Davies teacher from Taverham High School

"An excellent talk, really well delivered by Joan. Nicely structured, well paced, something in it for everyone." Chris Towndrow from Norfolk and Norwich SCOPE Association - Staff Training

"Impressed with all the hurdles she has overcome." Bettina Pfeiffer from Wymondham College Assembly

"The information gained has given us a different perspective and given us something to consider when supporting/educating young people with learning difficulties." Ester Heybourne from The Matthew Project - Staff Training Program in Eye.

“So glad I came to this wonderful event – there are so many inspirational people around who we can learn so much from. I will remember Joan’s words ‘Never judge a book by its cover, you never know what’s inside!’ Thank you so much” Big D Event Forum, Norwich

“Completely inspiring. I thought I was giving my partner a lift to Norwich to attend this event and ended up coming in with her know nothing about it beforehand. I am so glad for this slice of serendipity. Another very valuable experience in life!” Big D Event Forum, Norwich

“Joan is a great speaker. She puts her audience at rest; they can then take in all the information…Joan is also able to judge her presentation to any group of people.” Debbie Brown lecturer from Norwich City College